Decatur Residents Flip Furniture for Financial Freedom

ReVamped Furnishings

Andrew and DeannaWhat do an old oak dresser, a mini refrigerator, and a Lane coffee table have in common?

They were all curbside furniture finds discovered by Andrew and Deanna Cauthen, owners of ReVamped Furnishings.

Although they are both successful communications professionals, helping several family members in crisis over the years had left them struggling financially.

“We had gotten behind on some things and we knew we needed to increase our income, but the question was how should we do it,” said Deanna, who works part-time as a writer and public relations/marketing specialist.

The Cauthens took a close look at their furniture-flipping hobby and ultimately decided to monetize it.

“We essentially gave ourselves a pay raise instead of waiting for someone else to give it to us,” Deanna said.

As longtime thrift store shoppers, Deanna and her husband, a communications manager, have been finding and fixing furniture for almost two decades.


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